Why Devine?

We are currently ranked the TOP STUDIO IN DES MOINES and one of the top three in all surrounding areas of DSM!!!!


I want to THANK YOU for your hard work with my daughter. She was a chatter box tonight and was telling me you were ‘really hard’ on her, but she ‘is getting so much better’. I cannot thank you enough for putting the passion back in her heart for dance. She was almost ready to give it up for good before we ‘found’ you. Thank you for being hard on her…for teaching her…and most of all…taking the TIME to show an INTEREST in her. She is thriving and I am forever grateful!
–Sara K.

The adult classes at Devine Dancers have reignited my long-buried passion for dance.  I was ecstatic when I discovered I could dance in the recital too!  I haven’t danced since I graduated from HS (a long, long time ago).  I moved all three of my girls over to Kelli’s studio after my first year.  Now, I get to dance in their recitals, which is very special to me.  Kelli is quite wonderful at fostering a positive, warm, and supportive environment in her studio, my girls have even remarked on it.  That is not the case in other studios.  Also, Kelli really pushes me to accomplish more than I thought I ever could.  She is remarkable.  And she is hard core.  She expects you to give her your best.  The beautiful thing is, if you do, she will give you hers.  And her best is beyond words.
– Maria F.

I cannot say enough about this studio! My daughter and two sons take classes at Devine. I feel they learn as much about character as they do about dance. Kelli seems to be one of the few studio owners in the Des Moines area with a Bachelors degree in dance…and it shows. All the other teachers are amazing as well and  seem to genuinely care for each student. And I have to say the recitals are fantastic. A professional production that is entertaining for all! Not sure you can say that about other dance schools.
– Jeremy W.

There are so many things we love about Devine Dancers. It’s so much more than a dance studio for our daughter, it’s her 2nd home! The teachers are fantastic. They not only provide wonderful instruction but they really care about their students. Abi has learned so much more than just proper dance technique. At Devine Dancers, she has been mentored, developed life-long friends, and learned the meaning of hard work and success. All skills that she’ll be able to use to be successful in life. Devine Dancers is more than where our daughter takes dance, it’s an extension of our family!
-John and Karlie D.

Kelli is one of the most positive, inspirational, and creative people I know. She truly loves the art of dance and shows it in everything she does. She strives to bring the best out of all of her dancers as well as making it fun and rewarding. I am so fortunate that she has brought dance back into my life as an adult and that she has started my daughter’s journey into dance.
– Amy G.