Meet Kelli

  • Bachelors Degree in Performing Arts and Dance
  • International (IDTA) training
  • International performance experience
  • 25+ years dance training
  • 25+ years performing
  • 15+ years teaching dance
  • Worked with over 30 professional dance crews, companies, and teams
  • Many choreography and performance awards

Dance Is a Gift

Dance is a universal language of expression. Everyone has a song that makes their head bob, foot tap, or hip sway almost involuntarily. In fact, babies dance before they can walk or even talk. That means dancing is hardwired into all of us. I believe dance is a gift from God to express emotions and ideas words cannot capture. We are made to dance but get told we can’t or shouldn’t. Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up.” My goal is to find the dancer inside each person and unleash it. History clearly shows art shapes our world. John Lennon’s Imagine inspired a generation. The Brontë sisters challenged young women to see beyond their horizons. And Da Vinci created such ripples with his work that we still feel his impact today. Artistic expression has the power to change the world for good. That’s the aim of my choreography and my studio. I want to share this beautiful gift we’ve been given with the next generation so they know the future is bright.


Importance of Education

There is no standard or certification required to charge people for dance lessons, which is a serious concern for those of us who have extensive formal training. I have a B.A. in Performing Arts and Dance and have performed, studied, and trained both nationally and internationally. A formal education is absolutely essential to teach dance.  Anyone can crack your back, but chiropractors study bone structure so they don’t inadvertently cause harm to people. Anyone can talk about science or history, but we expect teachers to have a basic bachelorette education in their field. And anyone can try to understand poetry, but a thorough education in literary prose and art history guarantees a more informed analysis. Dance requires a formal education in body mechanics, teaching pedagogies, and artistic interpretation. I don’t expect my studio to be a perfect fit for everyone. But no matter where you take dance be sure your director or teachers have an advanced education in dance. This is for your child’s well-being so please know the education credentials of your dance instructors.



My team has four principles: Respect, Integrity, Servitude and Excellence. The hope that drives me is to make a positive impact on my dancer’s lives. My goal is to use dance to teach character. The secret to success is no secret. It comes down to two basic concepts: GRIT and self-discipline. Both are required to master the sophistication of dance technique. Both are required to fully commit to the sublte musicality of a simple choreographed extension of the hand. Both are required to RISE. The Devine mantra is RISE because it’s impossible to beat someone who never gives up. We RISE because no one should define you but yourself. We RISE to become the greatest versions of our self. Together we RISE.

The adult classes at Devine Dancers have reignited my long-buried passion for dance.  I was ecstatic when I discovered I could dance in the recital too!  I haven’t danced since I graduated from HS (a long, long time ago).  I moved all three of my girls over to Kelli’s studio after my first year.  Now, I get to dance in their recitals, which is very special to me.  Kelli is quite wonderful at fostering a positive, warm, and supportive environment in her studio, my girls have even remarked on it.  That is not the case in other studios.  Also, Kelli really pushes me to accomplish more than I thought I ever could.  She is remarkable.  And she is hardcore. She expects you to give her your best.  The beautiful thing is, if you do, she will give you hers.  And her best is beyond words.

Maria Filippone