An exciting birthday Party Idea

  • You’ll throw a creative and unique birthday party
  • It includes arts & crafts, games, a souvenir, and a dance routine (no dance experience required)
  • You have access to a sink, full-sized fridge, and microwave (included)
  • You have access to two TVs and two DVD players (included)
  • You can have as many guests as you like
  • You can personalize your party or pick one of our convenient options


Optional Themes:

Princess/Prince Party – $200
Treat your birthday girl or boy (and her guests) like royalty. We will have shining armor for those prince charmings and tons of tutus for the girls. It’s an enchanting party theme around all your favorite fairy tales.

Disco Divas – $200
Want an exciting blast from the past? This party is tons of fun that involves dress up, theme music, and even the possibility of disco skating.

Hip-Hop Stars – $200
Want a party that rocks!?  Everything will be themed around the latest pop and hip-hop songs. In addition to the standard dance routine, there is the opportunity for your child to learn the moves from a dance craze like the Whip/Nae/Nae, single ladies, moonwalking, and more.

Personalized Event
You may rent the space without a bundled package for a cheaper option as well. Or if you’re interested in reserving the space for other activities please call or email for more details.