About Us

Devine Dancers is a Des Moines dance studio and opened its doors on June 1st, 2009 in a tiny basement studio (853 B 42nd Street) underneath The Shops at Roosevelt.

There were only 15 students in my  first summer camp – five of which I was related to (yikes!). Relief set in when 50 students registered for our first year of fall classes. The space quickly became too small to hold the nearly 100 students who registered in the second year. So, we moved to our current two-studio location on Ingersoll, thinking it would take 10+ years to outgrow. The third year we grew to approximately 150 students. And in just two more years we were up to 300 students.

Those statistics are exciting and all, but my only goal is to share my love for the art of dance with as many people as possible. The body can express human emotion in ways words cannot. And the arduous discipline required to execute this movement inspires me. There is no such thing as a perfect dancer…only a dancer who is always perfecting.

I feel dance is possibly the greatest human invention. We all have bodies. And, for inexplicable reasons, we all feel music. Shouldn’t we all learn to dance?

-Kelli Devine-Woods


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