Our Motto: RISE

Our studio motto is RISE because the story of Devine Dancers is one of perseverance and hope against all odds.

 Our kids will face limitless challenges, losses, and seemingly impossible circumstances. Though many Devine Angels go on to pursue professional dance careers most do not. So, we use dance to teach about determination, supporting others, setting goals, and always striving to be the best version of themselves; lessons which will hopefully live with them the rest of their lives.

 I did not want to create just another dance studio. Our dancers’ mission is simple and summed up with just four letters. We RISE to give our personal best every day. We RISE when we face a situation we’re not sure we can overcome. And when we feel like we’ve failed and there is no hope, we RISE. I believe wholeheartedly in this attitude because it has not only impacted me personally, but I’ve watched it alter my dancers’ lives as well. I’ve seen teenagers use the studio as an outlet as they develop the strength to face toxic situations at school. I’ve watched children who were too anxious to enter the studio their first year go on to perform in front of hundreds of people and win multiple 1st places at sold-out dance competitions. I’ve seen dancers who were heartbroken by rejection use the RISE mindset to turn their pain into motivation, so they could not only conquer their fears and doubts but conquer those who rejected them.

 Becoming a Devine Angel is about accepting you have something special to share with the world and that you can endure any obstacle. My studio’s primary goal is to teach our dancers about how to be a light in the darkness and to never let that light be extinguished. As an extended member of the Angel family, I hope you too, when facing a situation you’re not sure you can overcome, will call on your Angels and RISE. #AngelsRISE

 -Kelli Devine-Woods


Our Story

Devine Dancers is a Des Moines dance studio and opened its doors on June 1st, 2009 in a tiny basement studio (853 B 42nd Street) underneath The Shops at Roosevelt.

There were less than 10 students in my  first summer camp – five of which I was related to (yikes!). Relief set in when 50 students registered for our first year of fall classes. The space quickly became too small to hold the nearly 100 students who registered in the second year. So, we moved to our current two-studio location on Ingersoll, thinking we would never outgrow that location. The third year we grew to approximately 150 students. And in just two more years we were up to 300 students. The past three years we have been at full capacity, so we are now in search of a new location where we can expand and offer more classes and options for our families. 

Those statistics are exciting and all, but our only goal is to share our love for the art and athleticism of dance with as many people as possible. The body can express human emotion in ways words cannot. And the arduous discipline required to execute this movement inspires me. There is no such thing as a perfect dancer…only a dancer who is always perfecting.

I want to THANK YOU for your hard work with my daughter. She was a chatter box tonight and was telling me how challenging it was, but inspiring. She is literally a different dancer than she was and she knows that is because of the hard work she is doing in the studio. And I can’t thank you enough for putting the passion back in her heart for dance. She was almost ready to give it up for good before we ‘found’ you. She is thriving and I am forever grateful!

Sara G.