About us

Devine Dancers is a place for dreamers. For children who want to be surrounded by people who believe in them. For dancers who want to be inspired and to achieve their best. For families who want to be part of a community that rises by lifting each other up. 

We are also the most elite dance studio in Iowa because we maintain a nearly 95% average top placement (1st, 2nd, 3rd place) at both regional and national competitions and compete all our dancers at the most elite level.

We want to find each dancer’s unique gifts so they can grow in passion, strength, and confidence. Everyone has something special to offer. Becoming a Devine Angel is about finding your inner light and sharing it with the world around you. 

Classes Start Sept 13th


Hannah – “It makes expressing myself easier.”

Hadley – “It teaches teamwork and you can express yourself.”



Hannah – “Because I enjoy the people, what I learn, and how it makes me feel: Happy!”

Hadley – “Because they care and they raise strong dancers.”


Hannah and Hadley

Get Your Wings Here

Give the Gift of Dance

Dance is a gift! Babies move to music before they can walk or even talk. You were made to dance! At Devine Dancers, we believe in building on that basic drive to move to music. Dance requires the footwork of a boxer, the endurance of a sprinter, the strength of a wrestler, the musicality of a composer, the intuition of a painter and the delicate expressiveness of a thespian. At Devine, we aim to blend the art and athleticism of dance that will allow you to express what words cannot.

We are a Des Moines dance studio but are a unique studio in that our students come from all surrounding areas such as West Des Moines, Altoona, and Ankeny. And as far as Pella, Winterset, and Ames. Students come from all over because Kelli Devine-Woods is one of the few studio directors with a degree in Dance and Performing Arts. Our teachers all have advanced educations. We provide the best education to instill both discipline and passion for the art and sport of dance.  

Devine Dancers

The adult classes at Devine Dancers have reignited my long-buried passion for dance.  I was ecstatic when I discovered I could dance in the recital too!  I haven’t danced since I graduated from HS (a long, long time ago).  I moved all three of my girls over to Kelli’s studio after my first year.  Now, I get to dance in their recitals, which is very special to me.  Kelli is quite wonderful at fostering a positive, warm, and supportive environment in her studio, my girls have even remarked on it.  That is not the case in other studios.  Also, Kelli really pushes me to accomplish more than I thought I ever could.  She is remarkable.  And she is hardcore. She expects you to give her your best.  The beautiful thing is, if you do, she will give you hers.  And her best is beyond words.
Maria Filippone