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    I am called to an enormous dark room. Shadowed and reflected. Glittering colors of sunset dancing through stained glass windows. The feel of wood floor. My feet attuned.
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    A beat is played similar to my heart, but the harmony is not recognized by ear. I am here alone. But not really.
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    I can rock back and forth. Suspend and release. Listen and interpret through the curve of my line. And the movement of me. I can embrace the blessings. And dance for the angels.
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    Here… I can feel them watch.
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  • 5:00 pm - Advanced Team Conditioning (Option 2)
  • 5:45 pm - Advanced Ballet (Option 2)
  • 6:45 pm - Open Team Tumble
  • 7:30 pm - State Fair Parade Rehearsal

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